Pro inject, Passionate
about plasturgy

  • Passionate about plastics injection, PRO INJECT is an actor who innovates in plasturgy. We are well known in the automobile, building, electrical goods and tableware sectors

High added value
solutions mastered

  • By technical performance, innovation and the constant striving for competitiveness, we guarantee controlled high added value solutions (technologies, materials and logistics).

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Pro inject's activity is characterised by injection moulding of techno-polymer technical parts, and technical appearance parts, and by complete control of our production, whether it be in design, tooling, automation or production.

We are present in the automobile, building fittings, electrical goods and tableware markets; we use all our savoir faire to ensure the success of your challenges be they economic or technical.

Our Strength:

Our savoir faire in design and constant innovation, or providing one or more plastic and composites solutions with high added value.

Optimised and tested structures, faithful to the company and the company's policy.
A technical and modern plasturgy unit, that is structured and evolutive.
Overall quality control: process optimisation, inspection, continuous measurement.
Logistics capable of satisfying the demands of the automobile industry: EDI, ERP, MRP, kanban, etc.
A capacity for making tool modifications and developments in-house, (integral tool room), or with our local partners.
A historical partnership with our approved workshops for high added value assembly operations.
Financial independence and ownership of our factory buildings.

Our customers; we are approved by corporate clients, which reassures you about the reliability of our company.