Pro inject, Passionate
about plasturgy

  • Passionate about plastics injection, PRO INJECT is an actor who innovates in plasturgy. We are well known in the automobile, building, electrical goods and tableware sectors

High added value
solutions mastered

  • By technical performance, innovation and the constant striving for competitiveness, we guarantee controlled high added value solutions (technologies, materials and logistics).

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A history of passion, with a desire for total independence.

It is in these terms that PRO INJECT was formed in January 2003, to become really structured over the years with members sharing human values and implication in a profound spirit of humility and discretion.

Since then PRO INJECT has not ceased to develop…

Today the company has become expert in major leading edge industrial sectors. PRO INJECT has diversified, adapted itself to a constantly changing market, and mastered the most advanced technologies in plastics injection.