Pro inject, Passionate
about plasturgy

  • Passionate about plastics injection, PRO INJECT is an actor who innovates in plasturgy. We are well known in the automobile, building, electrical goods and tableware sectors

High added value
solutions mastered

  • By technical performance, innovation and the constant striving for competitiveness, we guarantee controlled high added value solutions (technologies, materials and logistics).

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Our quality management system is certified by CERTIFICATE

ISO 9001 - 2008 version

ISO TS 16949 – 2009 version

This latter standard, dedicated to the automobile industry, attests to our stringency of application and the performance of our quality management system at all levels of our organisation.

We possess and apply the quality tools (FMDEC, PPAP; 8D; 5W; etc), as well as the culture of continuous improvement (KAISEN; PDCA: 3U, etc).

Our overriding concern is to ensure that our collective discipline contributes to the satisfaction of our customers.