Pro inject, Passionate
about plasturgy

  • Passionate about plastics injection, PRO INJECT is an actor who innovates in plasturgy. We are well known in the automobile, building, electrical goods and tableware sectors

High added value
solutions mastered

  • By technical performance, innovation and the constant striving for competitiveness, we guarantee controlled high added value solutions (technologies, materials and logistics).

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A perfect illustration of what the customer expresses as a need, and what Pro Inject proposes as a technical and economical solution, with the appropriate choice of polymers.

S4000 shutter latch
Material: PA6 and PA6 30%FV
Shepherdess’s head latch
Material: PA6 and PA6 30%FV
Composite automatic latch Material: PA6 30%FV
Hinge pins for sealing or screwingMaterial: PA6 by moulding
Composite NF strap hingeStraight or offset strap hinge, L 270 to 850. All the complexity to produce elegance and strength. Material: PA6 30%FV

All these high added value products are assembled and packaged according to the customer's specifications by our partner workshops. As we hold a buffer stock we are able to dispatch within 48H for the major chains