Pro inject, Passionate
about plasturgy

  • Passionate about plastics injection, PRO INJECT is an actor who innovates in plasturgy. We are well known in the automobile, building, electrical goods and tableware sectors

High added value
solutions mastered

  • By technical performance, innovation and the constant striving for competitiveness, we guarantee controlled high added value solutions (technologies, materials and logistics).

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A real Automobile culture, kept alive by permanent challenges

Injected air pipeMoulded in 2 parts and assembled hot at the press outlet. Sealing provided at the socket, part cooled. Material: PP Copo
Sun visor armSolid insert moulding, lighting, band

Material: PA 6.6 GF 30% FV
Handbrake lever..

Material: PVC
Air conditioner and control knob-Injected body: Material PC
-body moulding material PA on PC
-knob moulding material ABS on PA
Automobile wiring harnessMoulding

Material:60SH elastomer
Seat adjustment handle

Material: ABS